Vou Nessa


Cab Calloway


The Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Swing

Everybody's excited!
Everybody's invited!
Come along, and swing that thing,
It's the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Swing!

Hear the clarinets tootin'!
Everybody's salutin'!
Come and meet the queen and king,
It's the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Swing!

Swing high, there's joy in sight,
Swing low, from left to right,
Swing out, tonight's the night,
There's gonna be a lot of free and fancy swinging!

Say good-bye to your blueses,
Polish up your old shoeses,
Come and give your feet a fling,
It's the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Swing!

It's the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Swing!

Here comes the swingin' deacon! The swingin' deacon!
There's no use speakin'! There's no use speakin'!
The swingin' deacon is gettin' hot,
Just gettin' things ready to tie the knot!
\"Do you take this woman for your lawful wife?\"
\"I do!\"
\"You do!\"
\"Do you promise to swing her for the rest of your life?\"
\"I do!\"
\"You do.\"
\"Now, lookie here, gal, do you take this man by the name of Jim?\"
\"I do!\"
\"She do.\"
\"Do you promise to swing with no one else but him?\"
\"I do!\"
\"You're crazy!\"
Now the wedding ceremony's completed;
May your future swinging be bright!
I pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Swing;
There'll be plenty of swingin' that thing tonight!

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Gênero: Outros

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