Vou Nessa


Maroon 5



Oh I really need to know oooh (3X)
Oh She gotta let me go oooh
This time I really need to do things right
Shivers that ya give me keep me, freezing all night
I can´t believe it, I´m not myself,
suddenly I´m thinkin´ of no one else
You make me shudder.
Oh I really need to know oohh
Or else you gotta let me go.

Your just a fantasy girl, inseven parts of the world
All I want is to be with you always
I´ll give you everything
Give some attention to me
All I want is you and me always
Give me affection
I need your perfection
You feel so good
You make me Stutter,stutter.

If I could touch you
I´d never let go
Now ya got me screaming
and I cannot shut up, shut up
Now I am lying on the bedroom floor,
Barely even speaking and I cannot get up.

Oh I really, I really, I really need to know.
Ya gotta let me go.


You knock me down
I can´t get up, I´m stuck.
Gotta stop shaking me up.
I can´t eat, Can´t sleep.
Can´t think...


You make me stutter

Composição: Maroon 5
Gênero: Outros

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