Vou Nessa

Down Home Town

The world outside don't like us much,
'Cos they ain't got our classy touch,
But they ain't good enough to breathe,
This towns good air we make 'em leave.

But it's no, no, no, you really can't do that,
No, no, no, down homw town.

No monkey business in this town,
Well who do you think you're pushing round,
This towns respectable and clean,
Just look around you'll see what I mean.


Down home town, down home town,


We got the best town band around,
Just listen to their crazy sound.
When they get hot they gonna blow,
Ucedemwinnin** every show.
Down home town, down home town, etc.


Look Out.

Composição: Compositor
Gênero: Outros

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