Vou Nessa


Cab Calloway


Blues In The Night

My mamma done tol' me,
When I was in knee pants,
My mamma done tol' me, \"Son!
A woman'll sweet talk, and give ya the big eye,
But when the sweet talkin's done,
A woman's a two-face,
A worrisome thing who'll leave ya t' sing
The blues in the night\"

Now the rain's a-fallin'
Hear the train a-callin' \"whoo-ee\"!
(My mamma done tol' me.)
Hear that lonesome whistle
Blowin 'cross the trestle, \"whooee,\"
(My mamma done tol' me.)
A whooee-a-whooee,
Ol' clickety clack's a-echo-in' back the blues in the night
My mamma was right, there's blues in the night

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Gênero: Outros

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